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What is a Digital Advocate?

A digital advocate is someone who contacts your digital service providers on your behalf to solve existing problems or adjust subscription/product purchases. A digital advocate might cancel duplicate products, negotiate lower product rates or request refunds / credits when a company has over-charged or charged you for duplicate/unused products.

WHEN do you need a digital advocate?

Typically I become a client’s digital advocate when their website, or any other online service, stops functioning as expected and they are not sure how to solve the problem.

WHY do you need a digital advocate?

Often times when a client calls their hosting provider, they don’t know what the issue is or how to solve it. This puts an enormous amount of power in the hands of the hosting provider, who can sell the client absolutely any product as the solution.

Benefits of hiring a digital advocate – save money and time

Save time

You won’t have to wait on a help line hold for hours on end, or speak to customer service reps who don’t understand the problem. I handled all that for you.

With an extensive web development background, I am able to first identify the problem. Then when I contact the hosting company for a resolution, I direct the customer service representative on the most efficient solution.

Save money

As your digital advocate, I am able to save you money in a number of ways including:

  • Refunds or credits. If the issue is because of a failure of the providers contracted service, I request compensation in the form of a refund or account credit.
  • No upsells. Having been on thousands of hours of customer help calls on behalf of clients, I’ve heard every sales pitch and upsell in the book. Providers will not sell you any unnecessary or duplicate products or services.
  • Account review. As a courtesy, I review your current digital services, like your website hosting setup, and sort through all of the products you have purchased. Often times I find duplicate or unused products – for example a client might have a hosting package with malware scanning and removal included, yet they are also paying for a separate malware removal add-on service. Or I’ll find that a client has purchased a security product but it hasn’t been setup. I review and resolve all of those issues.

Contact Contento Interactive Group for Digital Advocacy

If you’re frustrated by your hosting service, if you’re website keeps going down or breaking and you don’t know why. If you don’t want to spend hours on the phone with a customer service representative, being sold products you don’t know if you even need, then contact Content Interactive Group.