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  • SEO Revamp for Professional Service Providers
    Six steps to improve a business website’s search engine optimization [SEO] [originally published on medium.com on January 4, 2023. Article has been updated since original publication] Business Owners Struggle […]
  • SEO Revamp for NJ Local Technology Service Provider
    Originally published on Medium.com 12/24/22 The client had what I call a ‘brochure-style’ website. What I mean by this term is that the website was essentially an online brochure and […]
  • Creating High Conversion PPC Websites for the Garage Door Industry
    Originally published on Medium.com There are certain elements that every high-converting PPC website for the garage door industry should have. Here are some of the most important ones: PPC […]
  • Does my Business really need social media accounts?
    If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably wondered if your business really needs to have social media accounts. The answer is not cut and dry. When done correctly, […]
  • How to Make Your Business Website Mobile-Friendly
    Making a mobile-friendly business website is really important these days.  Many people tend to pull up websites from their phone rather than their desktops/laptops out of the pure ease […]
  • Important Things to Consider When Creating a Small Business Website
    When Building a Small Business Website, Send a Clear Message When creating a website for your business, you need to consider how the information describes your services and/or products. […]
  • Create a Clear Plan for Your Small Business Website
    This week’s tip for small business owners is about planning. A clear plan for your website will help make the website build process go quickly and smoothly. Plan out […]
  • Create a Clear and Visually Appealing Business Website
    Choose a Great Domain Name The first step to creating an effective business website is to choose a domain name.  Your domain name is the site’s brand and identity.  […]
  • 3 Quick Website Tips to Engage Your Customers
    Once you have your business website up and running, you’ll want to focus on making sure website traffic turns into customers. Here are 3 quick tips to help engage […]
  • Update your Website! Important Security Patch in WordPress 3.8.3
    An important WordPress update was released on January 6, 2022 – version 3.8.3. This update includes a number of patches for security vulnerabilities. What does that mean exactly? Simply […]
  • Make Your Business Website Stand Out
    In order to have a successful business website, there are a few things every business owner should know.  It’s important for the visitor to have a seamless experience and […]
  • WordPress Website Maintenance: Clean Out Your User Accounts
    An often overlooked aspect of WordPress website security is user account management. Website Security: Review Your WordPress User Accounts Over time, your WordPress website user accounts will grow. Account […]
  • The Costs of Building a New Website
    When designing a website for your own business, a new client, or an existing business there is always the question, “how much will this cost?”  It’s important to go […]
  • Small Business Website Tip: Maintain Updated Content
    It’s important that your small business website sends a clear message to your customer base with a description of the kind of business you are operating and the services […]
  • Preventing Problems: Kinsta Hosting Philosophy
    One of the biggest reasons I endorse (and am an affiliate of) Kinsta for WordPress hosting is its ‘problem prevention’ philosophy. Advance Notice of Potential Website Issues This morning […]
  • Holiday Greetings & Website Updates
    It is an endless pursuit to add new content to your website so that Google and other search engines don’t penalize your site for being ‘stale’. One quick and […]
  • Was Godaddy Really Hacked?
    Whenever I receive an email stating that one of my accounts was hacked and to ‘click here’ to reset the password, my first thought is that it’s a phishing […]
  • Advice for Freelancers: How to Deal with Illness or Injury
    One of the main pitfalls of being a freelance web developer is the fact that when you aren’t working, you aren’t getting paid. Of course, many web developers try […]
  • 3 Tips for Small Business Website Development
    Choose a Content Management System that Works for Your Small Business When creating a small business website for your company, it’s important to choose a user-friendly content management system […]
  • Small Business Website Tip: Choose a Great Domain Name
    Make a good first impression with a stand-out name. Your domain name is important to your small business for many reasons.  Your business domain name should reflect your business’ brand and identity. 
  • Yahoo Small Business Hosting: Low Price Equals Low Service
    The shockingly low price of Yahoo Small Business Hosting is attractive to many small business owners. It’s only after they’ve made a significant investment in website design and development […]
  • Plugin Audit: Clean Out your WordPress Website Closet
    Your WordPress plugins tend to multiply over time. If you have more than 14, it’s out of hand and needs a clean out! Here why and how to clean them up without breaking your website.
  • Did Your Shopify Site Styles Break?
    Wondering what happened to your shopify site? Shopify discontinued the use of .scss which your theme probably utilized. Here’s what to do in the short & long term.
  • Godaddy Customer Service Expects Customers to Fix Problems
    Over the years Godaddy’s customer service has slowly degraded. I tested out it’s current status when I called them for a client. I already knew the issues, I just wanted to see if they could effectively help.
  • Why You Should Avoid Drag & Drop WordPress Plugins
    Elementor, WP bakery page builder, and Beaver Builder are all popular drag and drop layout page builder plugins for self-hosted WordPress websites. There are 2 problems with these plugins: […]
  • The Best Home Service Business Websites
    The best home service industry business websites are both easy for customers to find and have a high conversion rate – meaning traffic turns into leads. 1. Customers need […]
  • Hate calling your hosting customer service helpline?
    We know, it’s awful. waiting on hold forever, finally speaking to a representative, and then not knowing how to explain the problem. Even worse, you are sold products you […]
  • Bluehost’s ‘Free CDN’ Seems Like a Scam
    The other day I was debugging a client’s slow website load time. It becomes immediately clear that the server was experiencing an excessive initial response time (1.4 seconds according […]
  • Video Rich Portfolio Website: A Case Study
    This creative directed needed a responsive website that would showcase his portfolio of videos. Contento Interactive Group advised him on the best technology to use to meet his goals and showcase his work.
  • Simple Ways to Improve Your Business with Digital Revenue
    The last 36 months have been extremely difficult for most small to medium businesses. Those that were able to survive the economic slump did so in part because they […]
  • How Do Website Takeovers Work?
    WordPress Website Takeover Did you hire a distant family member or overseas developer to build your website? Unhappy with the results? We often takeover sites that are mid-construction and […]
  • Important Security Update – Woocommerce Vulnerability Detected
    If your website uses Woocommerce, you need to make sure you have the latest version installed. On July 13, 2021 they announced a security patch – and it’s essential you apply it immediatly.
  • Why Your Business Website Needs SSL
    The biggest reason you need to have an SSL certificate installed on your business WordPress website as soon as possible is that without one many of your customers are […]
  • SEO Keyword Blog Post Writing
    Perhaps you’re thinking, what do I need a blog for? My business isn’t a “blogging” business. A Blog Will Help Drive Traffic To Your Business! The main reason every […]
  • WordPress Theme Development for Websites with Thousands of Customized Pages
    Ever wonder how a company can manage a website that has thousands of highly customized landing pages? Do they employ an army of web developers that launch into action […]
  • What is a Digital Advocate?
    A digital advocate is someone who contacts your digital service providers on your behalf to solve existing problems or adjust subscription/product purchases. A digital advocate might cancel duplicate products, […]
  • Adding a caching plugin to your WordPress site is a waste of time
    Adding a caching plugin can only do so much for a slow website. If you have a painfully slow WordPress website, you need to stop adding new plugins and […]
  • Some Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Business Online
    The economic slowdown and physical lockdown of the pandemic showed businesses just how important a digital revenue stream is. Even as states are now fully open and the economy […]
  • WordPress Plugins & Duplicate Functionality Analysis: A Case Study
    An in-depth functionality assessment leads to major site load savings. Forensic Case Study: Advanced Cardio & Primary Care LLC Website I began working with Advance Cardio & Primary Care […]
  • How to Score a 99% on GT Metrix
    Here’s a basic outline of how I achieve a gtmetrix.com website assessment of 99% on the WordPress websites I build. 1.Write your own WordPress theme and keep it slim […]
  • Over Hours, Under Paid: Lessons from A Freelance WordPress Developer
    I recently had a client that hired me for a very simple website project. They needed 2 websites combined into one, with a fresh new look. Initially it seemed […]
  • How to Protect your Website Against Ransomware
    You may have heard of the recent ransomware attacks on JBS, a meat packing company or the Colonial Pipeline oil company: You might be wondering if ransomware can take […]
  • Not Everyone Needs a Worpdress Website
    In today’s digital world, every business benefits from an online presence. But not every business needs a WordPress website. Before I explain why WordPress might not be the right […]
  • Do you Really Need an SSL Certificate?
    Yes. You absolutely NEED an SSL certificate installed on your website. Most hosting accounts will include SSL with you plan, but if not, you can get a free one (although you’ll have to regularly renew it manually). Improve Search rankings, increase customer trust and prevent basic hacks.
  • The Hive Mind is Wrong About How to Speed up your WordPress Website
    For an inexperienced worpdress user or developer, the biggest hurdle seems like it’s getting the site looking the way you want. Once you’ve got all your content setup, and […]
  • Your Business During & After Covid – Don’t Fight the Evolution to Digital Platforms
    As we reach the 1 year mark of the COVID pandemic in the United States, it is clear that many business have suffered great financial hardships. Many business have […]
  • The #1 Most Important Website Improvement To Make TODAY.
    With 96% of US citizens owning a smartphone and over 86% of users navigating the web on those smartphones, it’s no wonder Google has prioritized mobile browsing over desktop. […]
  • 3 FREE Essential Plugins for an SEO focused WordPress site
    The following plugins are 3 of my essential and all-time favorite plugins for any Search Engine Optimized Worpdress website I build. Some of the following plugins do have paid […]
  • Guidelines for using Pre-Built WordPress Themes
    I talk a lot about building a custom WordPress theme to your specific design specifications. There’s a number of reason for this, which you can read about here. But […]
  • 5 Essential Elements your PPC Site Needs
    When your spending money to drive traffic from a search engine to your website, you want as many people as possible to become customers (aka, a high conversion rate). […]
  • Why I NEVER Use Pre-Packaged WordPress Themes
    If your like most people, when you start building your WordPress website, you head on over to either the Theme Repository on WordPress.org or to a marketplace like Themeforest.net. […]
  • Utilizing Fallback Logic on Pay Per Click Websites
    What is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Website? A PPC site is a website specifically created to be used for Search Engine Advertising. They are engineered to have hundreds, if not […]