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Utilizing Fallback Logic on Pay Per Click Websites

What is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Website?

A PPC site is a website specifically created to be used for Search Engine Advertising. They are engineered to have hundreds, if not thousands, of pages – each customized to match the Paid Ad keywords. It’s important to note that a true PPC site is not used for organic search, and will even block search engines from indexing it’s pages & content. Many of the pages will contain duplicate content that would be penalized in organic search results.

PPC Conversion Rate

Once you get a user from their search to your website (though an ad), you want to turn that user into a customer. This is known as “conversion rate”.

The Key to High Conversion Rates

The website page a user is directed to from your PPC ad is called the landing page. An effective landing page should be highly customized to the user’s keywords – those words they searched for before clicking your ad.

Ideally, a user would find all relevant information to convert to a customer without leaving this landing page. I recommend presenting all of the following information about your company on every landing page:

  • Services (ideally, the service they searched for)
  • Service area (ideally, the town they live in)
  • Company mission or focus
  • Brand identity
  • Reputation (Reviews or Testimonials)
  • Company address
  • Company phone number
  • How to become a customer (book online, call, shop now, etc)
  • A special offer, discount or coupon
  • Contractor license or state certification number, if applicable
  • Top 5-8 features for choosing this company over a competitor

The Secret Sauce for Thousands of Highly Customized Landing Pages

You don’t need an army of web developers to create a site with thousands of highly customized landing pages – I have developed a system that avoids the time consuming process of editing each individual page by hand.

Construct Page Elements Dynamically

When I build a site for a client (you can read about why I NEVER use pre-packaged themes for my clients here), I code logic into the page construction that generates service and location keywords into the page elements – like metadata, titles, headings, and image alt tags. Utilizing custom shortcodes, the body content can be further injected with relevant keywords.

The Fallback Method: Custom Worpdress Theme Development

In conjunction with dynamic keywords, I also use a fallback method so that a specific page can display unique, handwritten content that can add-onto or replace the default content. In this manner, a client can choose to give attention and detail to a specific landing page, but not get overburdened by customizing EVERY page.

Using basic analytics, we can determine what pages are the poorest at converting sales, and focus our time and energy curating the page for improved conversions.

Fallback Example: Phone Numbers

For example, a company might offer services in more than one state. Each state likely has its own phone number. Within a state, various cities may have phone numbers that match the local area code. (Listing an area code on a location page that matches the client has shown to increase conversion because the customer feels that the company is local to them.)

Any town location page can have a unique phone number that will override the state phone number, and all state pages override the company headquarter phone number.

In this manner, every single location page could have a unique phone number, but many pages will not, so we save hours of editing and eliminate the opportunity for errors that hand-editing every single page creates by only editing those pages that DO have unique phone numbers.

The phone number field follows the nested location structure – so that all cities with a blank phone number will display its state phone number, and if no state phone number is available, the company headquarter phone number will be displayed – hence, each individual landing page ‘falls-back’ to the nearest customized phone number field available.

WordPress Consultation & Custom Theme Development

Not sure if your Worpdress site needs to be freshened up or started over from scratch? We can help – we perform site audits and to help you decide what the most cost-effective and budget-friendly direction is for you businesses website. Contact us to learn more.