holiday greetings for your website

Holiday Greetings & Website Updates

It is an endless pursuit to add new content to your website so that Google and other search engines don’t penalize your site for being ‘stale’. One quick and easy update is to add a holiday greeting, and now is the perfect time to add one!

E-commerce Websites Can Announce Holiday Deals & Specials

Monopolize on the holiday shopping season with limited-time deals and specials. For example, readers of this blog post are offered the following promotion:

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Know Your Customers & Wider Audience

What issues face your audience during this season? Remember that your message should reflect the values and mission of your company. If you are a small family-owned company, this is a perfect time to express that! Include a picture of your family or staff.

Be Inclusive With Your Message

If your audience is like most, it includes people of a variety of religions and beliefs. Be aware of the words you are using and try to position your message in an inclusive way.

Cross-Post on Your Social Media Accounts

Use free software like Canva to create branded, holiday theme graphics for your social media accounts. Take advantage of hashtags in your posts like #shoplocal and #smallbusinesssaturday to help get your posts maximum engagement.

Overwhelmed this Holiday Season?

If you didn’t get a chance to plan ahead, and you want to get some graphics created quickly, contact Contento Interactive Group. We can help you get an appropriate message up on your website and posted across your social media accounts before the hodliay’s end.

We can also review your site and make sure it’s updated and secure.