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Create a Clear Plan for Your Small Business Website

This week’s tip for small business owners is about planning. A clear plan for your website will help make the website build process go quickly and smoothly.

Plan out the steps you want to take to make your website stand out to better serve your client base.  Try to design a site as if you are the customer seeing it for the first time.  Font, graphics, and all relevant information should be clear and enticing. 

Understand your Audience

You should find your target customer and list out exactly who they are, what websites they go to, their budget, lifestyle habits, and any other important factors.  Think about the design of your website and what kind of images, fonts, and logos will attract your audience.  Plan for a consistent, clear, site with similar colorways (HTML color codes), themes, and messages.  

Connect to Customers on a Multiple Levels

Once a visitor finds your website, it doesn’t end there.  You need to make sure they not only find what they are looking for but that they have a seamless experience while doing so. 

Have clear contact information for either an address and phone number to your business or online information such as a contact form, email address, or live chat feature.  If the customer cannot easily find an answer to a question, they may go elsewhere for the services provided. 

Be present on your desired social media platforms.  Make sure to add Social links throughout your website for visitors to easily click and check out your online social media presence.  They may even reach out to you via Instagram or Facebook because this is easier for some people to do rather than send out an email or call the business.  If you have social media pages, make sure to check them regularly just in case someone is trying to reach out with questions or feedback. 

Consider adding a newsletter option on your website for customers to request.  You can easily grab the customer’s contact information and they can get any company announcements, sales, promo codes, etc. through a new avenue other than the website itself.  Adding multiple forms of communication will assure your customer will not forget about your business and there’s a better chance for repeat purchases.

Make Your Website Homepage Scrollable

Your website becomes more accessible to more users when you create a scrollable homepage.  Now more than ever people are accessing websites via tablets and smartphones.  Having a scrollable homepage allows these users to access the website in a more seamless manner.  Make sure your homepage clear and engaging.  Assure that your navigation bar has all the vital information of your business. 

Use internal linking throughout your site so visitors can effortlessly move from one page to the next without the use of the back button.  Your navigation bar should have the following information:

  • About us / bio
  • An overview of services or products
  • Product details or shopping page
  • Success stories or customer reviews and/or photos
  • Any relevant press
  • Your mission statement
  • Contact Page
  • Any other relevant resources

Maintain a Consistent Vibe Across all Your Digital Channels

Your website’s design is incredibly important and should reflect the identity of your business and your business’ mission.  The images, font, contact information, along with products and services are all interconnected as a whole.  Your customer should feel a link between all parts of the experience.  The customer service received from an email or live chat should coincide with the theme and vibe of the information provided on the site.  The graphics and images shown should be relevant to other forms of your web presence such as social media sites and newsletters.  The website is a gateway into future sales, forged client relationships, and success down the line.

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