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SEO Revamp for NJ Local Technology Service Provider

Originally published on 12/24/22

The client had what I call a ‘brochure-style’ website. What I mean by this term is that the website was essentially an online brochure and not providing any advantage over handing out paper flyers.

The goal was to optimize the website for Search Engine Bots like Google and Bing so that the website will experience more impressions and organic clicks from potential customers.

screenshot of ashcor technologies website

Here is a quick outline of the steps taken to achieve this goal:

Step 1. Optimize mobile page speed

Step 2. Clean out all the non-relevant pages from the site. These are often a byproduct of a “template import” by a plug-and-play pre-built theme. These types of pages can have misleading placeholder information, or non-related services and products. Often, these pages dilute the overall keyword density of the website’s purpose while serving legitimate traffic-unrelated content.

Step 3. Identify target services for promotion & related keywords, and update the homepage to include conversion elements including trust badges, clear service descriptions, & eye-catching call-to-actions.

Step 4. Add descriptive content to all image alt tags, meta descriptions, and meta titles. Add local schema and appropriate analytics tracking codes to the website.

Step 5. Increase the depth of content on existing pages of the website.

Step 6. Generate relevant, keyword-rich blog posts, location pages, and service pages.

Step 7. Submit updated sitemap & specific URLs to Google Search Console.

Step 8. Analyze growth in Google Search Console & continue adding blog posts & location pages.


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