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The #1 Most Important Website Improvement To Make TODAY.

With 96% of US citizens owning a smartphone and over 86% of users navigating the web on those smartphones, it’s no wonder Google has prioritized mobile browsing over desktop. That means if you want google to show your website in its search results, it needs to be up to Google’s mobile standards.

Is your website designed to be Mobile-Friendly?

You can use this Google tool to get an analysis of an existing webpage:

Why does Mobile-Friendly Matter?

If your website doesn’t pass Google’s test, your site’s search result ranking will be low. That’s why the most important improvement you can make to your website is to ensure it’s responsive and mobile friendly, including the Call To Actions (CTA). For example, your businesses phone number should be a tap to call button.

The difference between responsive and mobile friendly

If you’re not familiar with these terms, a responsive website is one that reacts to the width of the browser window. Using the Bootstrap grid elements or Bootstrap flex layout is a simple and reliable method for website development. When a website is mobile friendly, that means it functions well on mobile devices – for example the most common adjustments are clickable elements need to be spaced far enough away from one another as to prevent any mis-tap, elements are not pushed outside the width of the device and the text needs to be large enough to be easily readable size on a small device.

It’s 2021 – aren’t all websites already mobile friendly?

It’s hard to believe, but there are still websites online, especially home service websites, that aren’t mobile friendly or responsive. Although the majority of new websites built today are responsive, that doesn’t mean a website is mobile friendly. Typically a non-responsive website will need to be re-developed on a responsive architecture – ie – you’ve got to start over. If you’re website is responsive but fails Google’s test, you existing website can likely be modified pretty quickly to get it into Google’s good graces.

Need help with your Website?

If you’re website has mobile usability issues, I can help. Whether you need a brand new site or just a few quick fixes, I’ve got your back. Drop me a link for a free website analysis today.