Why you need an SSL certificate

Why Your Business Website Needs SSL

The biggest reason you need to have an SSL certificate installed on your business WordPress website as soon as possible is that without one many of your customers are seeing one of the following security warnings when visiting your URL:

no valid certificate
not secure warning

Have you ever seen a message like this? If you have, I guarantee you did not proceed to the website. Am I right? That should be reason enough to go get an SSL certificate, but here are a couple of additional reasons.

Google gives secure websites priority search listing placement over non-secure sites.

Search engines like Google crawl and index your website for its search results. Search engines prioritize secure websites that have a valid SSL certificate, which means a site that is secure will get a higher placement on the search results listing!

Protect your customers data

Another important reason you should have an SSL certificate properly installed on your WordPress website is to help protect your customer’s data. Something as simple as a contact form can expose names and email addresses (not to mention any other data you ask for) to hackers and bots if your site isn’t secure.

Not sure if you have an SSL certificate installed on your website?

Start by checking your URL, is it’s HTTP or HTTPS? HTTPS means your site is using a secure protocol. Http:// means it is NOT and you need to tack action immediately.

Is there a lock in the browser URL bar, to the left of your URL? Is it closed or open? Open means the site is not secure. Closed (or green) means you’re all set.

If you have a broken lock, you need to take action NOW!

Contact Contento Interative Group and we can help you fix, install, or set up your SSL certificate so that you aren’t missing out on any potential clients.