Woocommerce security update

Important Security Update – Woocommerce Vulnerability Detected

On July 13, 2021, Woocommerce announced a patch for a detected security vulnerability for all Woocommerce stores using versions 3.3 to 5.5 and for those stores using the Woocommerce block extension. It is imperative that you update your Woocommerce plugin to 5.5.1 immediately.

Automatic Updates for Woocommerce

If you have automatic updates enabled, your site will be updating on its own. However, it is still important to check that the update was successfully applied and that your store is working smoothly. If you’re not sure if you have automatic updates enabled, you should go check right now. Be sure to approve any updates and enable automatic updates.

Backup your Site Before Updating

No matter how small or big your site update is, it is essential that you run a website backup before applying any changes. This step can seem excessive, especially when you’ve applied months of updates without any issues. I can assure you that once you feel comfortable and think, ‘what are the chances something will go wrong?’, that’s when it will go wrong. Don’t take the risk, backup EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And feel free to delete old backups – especially when you download local cop8ies to your computer. You only need to keep 1-2 versions of viable copies and you can toss the rest.

Never Worry About Website Backups or Updates Again!

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