Website takeover

How Do Website Takeovers Work?

WordPress Website Takeover

Did you hire a distant family member or overseas developer to build your website? Unhappy with the results? We often takeover sites that are mid-construction and get them over the finish line, adjusting them to better meet your goals and vision.

Common signs you need a Website Takeover:

  1. Your current designer/developer ghosted you
  2. You don’t like the way your website looks
  3. You can’t get the website to function properly
  4. You’re frustred with your current designer/developer
  5. You have a deadline and your current designer/developer is slow to respond
  6. You don’t feel like your designer developer understands you
  7. Requests and changes have to be repeated over and over again
  8. Your website load really slow and the developer says there’s nothing they can do about it

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, you’re ready for Contento Interactive Group to takeover your website project. We’ll meet you where you’re at, take into account your recent experiences and create a customized plan to get your site to the goal line on a reasonable budget.

Website takeover doesn’t mean starting over

Many web agencies will require you to start over when switching developers. Content Interactive Group does not. We will assess your existing setup and make recommendations on how best to proceed. In most cases, there is some or all of the project that is salvageable and can be incorporated to get it to the launch date as soon as possible. In rare cases starting over is necessary – but not usually!

Free WordPress Webiste Consultation

Not sure if you can afford a website takeover? Contact us and we’ll review your project FREE OF CHARGE! That’s right, we’ll give you a complete outline and cost analysis of what it will take to launch, fix or replace your website with exactly what you had envisioned. Whether you need a lot of work or just a few tweaks, we’ve got you covered.