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Small Business Website Tip: Choose a Great Domain Name

Make a good first impression with your business website using a stand-out name.  Your domain name is important to your small business for many reasons.  Your business domain name should reflect your business’ brand and identity.  Your customer base will remember a good domain name and will be able to mention it to others.  Also, for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes, you want your url to be easily found when someone searches for your services and/or product. 

Keep Your Business URL Simple

You don’t want to confuse your customers with a lengthy or wordy name.  This is something that should easily be typed into an address bar and found on the web via searches.  The spelling of the domain should not be difficult.  Also, try to avoid numbers or hyphens in the name.  These can make it a bit tricky to remember and communicate with people via conversation or in advertisements.

Your Business Website’s Domain Name Should Be Official

Use domain extensions that are, again, easily found while also being appropriate for your business.  You wouldn’t want to use a .gov or .edu if that doesn’t align with your personal site.  You should shoot for .com when possible instead of .co, .net, specific country codes, or other similar business abbreviations. 

It’s also a good idea to buy multiple extensions (.org, .net, .com, .us, etc) to prevent another business from posing as yours.

Make Your URL Catchy and Memorable

Google, Goop, Etsy, Pinterest, Amazon, YouTube, etc. are just a few examples of insanely popular websites that we all know, remember, and use frequently.  A couple of these listed have even gotten turned into verbs in our everyday language such as “Google it” or “Pin something.” Some people are even called a “YouTuber.”

Do Your Research

Make sure to do some digging on your domain name.  First of all, you’ll want to make sure no one has already taken it.  If it is taken, there is a chance it could be sold to you by the owner.  To make sure everything is legal, simply run a search on to see if your domain doesn’t contain registered trademarks.  Domains on sale from other owners come in all different price points be sure your choice is within your budget.

Make Your Business Website Easily Searchable

Specific keywords and locations are really helpful when choosing a strong URL.  For instance, adding a city’s name or your business’ service in the name can help customers find your site.  Be sure to include your keywords in your content as well.  An easy way to quickly see which keywords are strong is to start typing them into Google and see what kind of results pop up.  

Your domain will be your brand and once you have chosen a name that works with your mission and these few steps, you’ll be on your way to a successful website for your business.

Need Help Deciding on a Business Domain Name?

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