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The Costs of Building a New Website

When designing a website for your own business, a new client, or an existing business there is always the question, “how much will this cost?” 

It’s important to go into the web development process knowing what you will need to budget for.  There is a wide range of options these days depending on what your business goals are. 

Designing a website demands technical and creative skills to not only design and build the site but to maintain and update it.  Some pieces of the puzzle consist of smart coding, search engine optimization, user experience design, interface configuration, and graphic design. 

Average Cost of Designing a Website

Good Firms put together a survey that was conducted among more than 200 global web design agencies and freelance web designers to better understand the information needed for clients to hire experts in the web design field.  The survey revealed that small businesses received website quotes between $1000 – $6000 for a basic website design, with an average cost of about $3,200.

Which Factors Influence the Cost of Web Design?

According to the survey, the following factors in order from largest to smallest percentage are what determines the cost going into the average website.

• Features and Functionalities – 61.5%

• UI/UX Design – 46.1%

• Responsiveness to Multiple Devices – 46.1%

• Content Management System – 34.6%

• Usability & Navigation – 34.6%

• Content List – 30.7%

• SEO – 19.2%

• Third-Party Integrations – 19.2% 

Average Website Build Timeline

Since we know many factors go into the price of building a website, the time to create one is definitely a major factor in itself.  It takes about 2 months on average to design a website with basic features.  This all depends upon a company’s or freelancer’s hourly rate and the number of revisions, changes, and additions that the business requests throughout the website build process. 

As we learned from the above data, this time goes into creative design, brand matching, implementing core features & functionalities, and proving the site functions properly across multiple devices and browsers.

The Cost of Content Management Systems

The content management system to be built in the backend influences the cost in a big way.  This manages adaptable content on the site all while crafting the navigation for users.  Then we have research on the content the web designer and a content writer would have to undertake. 

The designer would also outline the functional features needed throughout the site, and the web developer would integrate those features.

Don’t Forget Seach Engine Optimization!

Finally, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Third-Party Integrations come into play.  SEO consists mainly of bringing traffic to your website.  The site’s designer would use tactics such as inserting specific keywords while building to drive the correct traffic to them. 

Third-Party Integrations help to enhance the user experience.  This is done by offering a variety of services that may be more affordable and don’t disrupt web operations. These integrations can include data tracking, payment processing, and live chat systems.

You will also want to subscribe to an SEO service like to run a site assessment. It will identify issues related to:

  • meta data issues
  • broken links
  • redirects
  • duplicate content
  • and much more

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