digital advocate - calling hosting companies on your behalf

Hate calling your hosting customer service helpline?

We know, it’s awful. waiting on hold forever, finally speaking to a representative, and then not knowing how to explain the problem. Even worse, you are sold products you don’t know if you actually need, to solve a problem you don’t know how to fix. It can be a complete waste of time and money.

This is where a Digital Advocate comes in.

Digital Advocate: What Exactly Do They Do?

A digital advocate is a web developer who works with your hosting provider to resolve your website issues. They will first listen to the issues you’re experiencing with your website and then investigate the root cause. Once they determine the source of the issue, they call your hosting provider on your behalf and speak to a customer service representative to resolve the problem.

Because the digital advocate has technical knowledge about how your website functions, the issue(s) causing the problem, as well as understanding reasonable expectations of hosting providers, they can quickly determine if the representative is capable of resolving the issue, and if not, direct the conversation to a new department or manager who has the capability to fix the problem.

They are also in the unique position of advocating for a refund or credit should it become clear that the hosting company is not fulfilling standard level of industry service.

Cutting Through the B.S.

One of the things we at Contento Interactive Group see when we act as digital advocates is that hosting companies commonly do two not very nice things:

  1. They blame the customer or customer’s website for the problem
  2. They sell the customer products they don’t need

When the hosting provider blames the customer or customer’s website they shift the liability for the service disruption onto the customer, when that may not be the case. This allows the providers to offer spotty or poor service and avoid using resources the customer has already paid for without any means of reimbursing the customer.

Your Website Issues Resolved

Save yourself a ton of time and hassle by passing off the time-sucking effort of debugging your website issues and speaking to your hosting provider. Help is just an email away!