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3 Quick Website Tips to Engage Your Customers

Once you have your business website up and running, you’ll want to focus on making sure website traffic turns into customers. Here are 3 quick tips to help engage your customers.

1. Make Your Business Website Accessible

You’ll want a business website that’s easy to navigate for a diverse audience.  Pages and information should be easily found, the website easily opened across a range of devices and browsers, and important notes such as what your business is should be upfront and center. Your website should be engaging as well as informative. Here are some key items to address:

  • Assure your website is accessible equally through a laptop, smartphone, ipad, etc.  Sometimes certain pages or important information can be hidden or unreadable when opened on smaller devices such as a smartphone.
  • Let your visitors find your products or services with ease.  If something is difficult to purchase, the visitor could lose patience or trust with your site.  
  • Include relevant Call to Action buttons throughout your website.  These may be an office or showroom’s phone number, or a live chat, buy now, or add to cart button.
  • Use a Call to Action language as well.  Let your visitors know that they can make a decision quickly and thoroughly such as placing an order or scheduling an appointment.
  • Keep any forms that are necessary to be filled out short and sweet.
  • Imagine you are inviting customers into a brick and mortar shop.  Send a clear and inviting message on what your business is and what the guests can expect from their visit.

2. Make it an Easy & Positive Experience

Your website gives customers an opportunity to collect information or data needed to make a decision within your business.  This could be placing an order online, taking advantage of any services offered, or calling to schedule an appointment.

  • Avoid large ads, pop-ups, or music that could feel forceful with your visitor’s experience.
  • Use internal linking within your website pages so your visitors can effortlessly move around the site without using the homepage or back button too often.
  • Create a theme that let’s the visitor remember your page, whether that be from the colors, font, images, or layout.  A well-curated site will not only be more exciting for the visitors to explore, but will leave them wanting to come back.
  • Think about who your customer is before designing.  Where do they live?  What is their income?  What is their age range?  Where do they shop?  Create a look to entice your specific audience.
  • Have top notch customer service.  This is a no brainer when it comes to a perfectly crafted website.  Give clear contact information and make sure that it is reliable during your business hours.  This could be via live chat, phone, email, or a contact form.  If your customers don’t hear back from you within a reasonable time, they may not visit the site again.

3. Have a Single Website for Your Business

Your website should always be easy for visitors to find.  If you have multiple websites, it may get a bit confusing to navigate.  Having multiple sites for similar items or services can cause problems such as:

  • Visitors not understanding where to go and getting confused with the options.
  • The inability to accurately measure traffic and also be able to drive site traffic effectively.
  • Search engines may lose their trust in your site because the traffic won’t be going to one site.

If there are different websites within a company, they should be clearly linked on the navigation bar.  If you happen to have a current website that you aren’t happy with, make sure it is completely taken down so visitors won’t accidentally come across it online. You can setup redirects from old website links to your new website to ensure customers and traffic are not lost.

Following these three simple steps will get you on the right track for a successful website!

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